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    • Bank Service Telephone JR208-FK-VoIP

      Contact NowBank Service Telephone JR208-FK-VoIPThis Telephone is housed in stainless steel box and manufactured to a high standard, it is offer increased resistance to vandalism, and ensure that the primary function of communications is maintained at all times, resulting in a highly reliable product with a long MTBF.Read More

    • Analogue Industrial Explosionproof Telephone

      Contact NowAnalogue Industrial Explosionproof TelephoneThe Analogue Industrial Explosionproof Telephone is designed for voice communication in the hostile environment where reliability, efficiency and safety are of prime importance. The telephone can handle the large temperature differences found outdoors, high humidity, exposure to sea water and dust, Corrosive atmosphere, Explosive gases & particles, as well as mechanical wear and tear, making it perfect for use as an emergency telephone.Read More

    • Rugged Clean Room Analog Telephone JR301-2B-IW

      Contact NowRugged Clean Room Analog Telephone JR301-2B-IWThis Vandal Resist Emergency Telephone is based on a stainless steel faceplate and provide a clear handsfree, loud-speaking operation for any public area. It is designed to meet the needs of clients who experience loss through vandalism. Ideal for schools, streets, public square, court houses, rail platforms, car-parks, police stations, hospitals, outside buildings, gate entry, etc.Read More

    • Loud Speaker Mining Telephone With Beacon JR103-FK-HB

      Contact NowLoud Speaker Mining Telephone With Beacon JR103-FK-HBAs a weatherproof Loud Speaker Mining Telephone With Beacon, it is fully contained within a corrosion resistant cast aluminium weatherproof case, resulting in a highly reliable product with a long MTBF. Equipped with horn and beacon, the horn can broadcast remotely for notification,Horn works after 1-9 rings, shut when handset lifted or call finished. The LED Red beacon begins to flash when ringing or in use, attracting attention to the phone when call comes, it could be very useful in the noisy environments.Read More